Diesel Flagship

As part of the creative direction of POSTmatter magazine, we worked on a commission for Diesel in collaboration with Berlin-based artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer. Following an on-going relationship of promotion of emerging digital art forms with POST, Diesel invited us to create a piece to be showcased in their new Rome flagship store. Covering the walls of the atrium with screens and mirrors, we created an abstract organism growing in realtime. Drawing inspiration from its location in the very centre of a city of such¬†artistic and historical significance, the artwork feeds itself from data relating to Rome’s topography, traffic and social network posts, hence becoming an expressionistic manifestation of the city flux and shape.

An online component was also developed to exhibit it beyond the border of the city.

Created for POSTmatter

Artwork by Andreas Nicolas Fischer

Creative Code Abraham Pazos Solatie

Sound design by Nikolai Von Sallwitz